We have a Great Team of Highly Skilled Trades and Building Professionals

The Director:

Greg Slingsby has a Bachelor of Science degree and 30 years extensive experience in the building industry. He is the Builder and Lead carpenter on all ecoPod projects. He liaises closely with the design team throughout the design process.


The Trades:

We have our own fleet of preferred trades that work on our projects. Using the same people builds great team effort and ensures that the standards of quality are always met.


The Designers:

Robert Penn

Robert has years of experience designing and documenting buildings. The attention to detail in his drawings and his depth of knowledge of the building code is a great asset to us and all our clients. He has a vast experience in the commercial sector as well. He produces all our detailed technical and 2D auto cad files.

Pauline Fildes

Highly experienced designer in her own right Pauline brings great skill with spaces and flow and allows us to offer a 3D design experience to our clients. Through her work we can generate pictures of the buildings that are very easy to understand and that are realistically finished.

Greg Bebbington

Greg is the master of the delicate Mudbrick home. He is a fantastic artist and a qualified Architectural Draftsman. Greg has designed hundreds of Mud Brick homes and brings a great depth and subtlety to all our ecoPod designs


Energy rating:

Graham Fildes; Fully qualified energy rater using the latest Victorian assessing tool First rate 5. Having Graham on our team allows us to fine tune the design of our buildings to maximize their star rating potential.


Where are we:

We are based in Research, North East of Melbourne.

Contact Us:

Please use our online enquiry form. Please note; on submitting your enquiry you grant permission for your information to be stored on our mailing list for future developments. No personal information will be shared outside of ecopod, we treat all personal information as highly confidential.